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Things You Need To Know About Structural Rivet Gun before Buying


Are you connected with the business that requires in-depth knowledge of the rivet tool? Or do you want to handle certain jobs on your own? Then, you are at the right place in your exploration. If I start from the depth, a rivet gun is also known as a pneumatic hammer; a tool that is used to drive rivets.

Before making a purchase of Structural Rivet Gun, it is required to know different types of rivet guns. This article is prepared for those who find rivet gun buying a worth option but confused or pissed with different options, models, and workability. Let’s head on towards the motive!

Make a note of different types of Rivet Guns:

  • Battery Rivet Gun tool
  • Lever Riveter
  • Pneumatic Rivet Gun
  • Hand Rivet Gun

Read on to know the pros and cons of each type of rivet gun…

1)    Battery riveting tool

Actually, riveting machines are used to set rivets in order to join materials together. And, it offers low cost, productivity, and consistency when you compare it with manual work. Although, battery rivet guns arrive in a range of varieties. This type of riveting tools is beneficial for any job site. Although, there are two main types of function that work the same way.

One type is a machine that can drag out the mandrel from the front of the gun. And, another one will pull the mandrel into the holder. So, this will make your work smooth. If you found this your kind of machine then, purchase it now! Available online also! https://dafra.com.au/

2)    Lever riveter

Rivet guns are perfect for fastening plastic, leather, and many more. It can make the job easy whether you are doing work on the car or working around the house. These tools are the step of rivet guns and they come up with nose piece and it can also work with a range of rivet sizes. These can be heavy duty than any hand rivet gun and can be easily used than others. The problem is, it comes in large size and lever action so they reduce the physical strength amount needed by the hand riveter.

3)    Pneumatic rivet gun

This type of rivet gun is the best rivet gun on the market because of its clever design that makes it easy to use. It is powered by compressed air to quickly and easily install blind rivets. The meaning of pneumatic rivet gun is, it can be very powerful when needed but, it is a disassembly tool that is never needed because of the spring loaded inside which work automatically for locking the rotation.

4)    Hand rivet gun

In this rivet gun, there is used an appropriate size of the nose piece. Also, rivet guns come in several options to fit a range of blind rivets. However, this can be a perfect choice for those people who are occasional users.


What have you thought about buying a rivet tool? Go through this article and select a perfect type of rivet gun for your requirement and stay far away from the stressful situation. Be a savvy buyer. I hope, through this article, you can make a smart purchase. Thanks!

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