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What Is The Difference Between Deck And Pergola?


As a homeowner, I always try to integrate something new & latest in my home. For the better ideas, I scratch the internet, Pinterest is my favourite platform to explore things that I want to invest on. Whether it’s about Decking Adelaide, pergolas, or any other home extension you will have to pay more attention to figure out what can go straight to your efforts and what couldn’t.

I don’t know whether you know this fact or not but let me share this; there are two main categories of shaded structures. These structures are pergolas and covered structure might be patio or deck. Still, many people find it difficult to take the decision on what to install, what do they actually need, is it better to invest money on Carports Adelaide installation?

A short summary to help you identify basics of home extension

Generally, a patio doesn’t have roof and it is tiled or paved for the structuring purpose. On another hand, deck is a flat surface which is made up of wood. Most of the time the deck is built above the ground level and connected with the entire building. And, pergola is not attached with the building just like gazebo as per Pergolas Adelaide expert. Still confused? OMG! Let me clarify this separately!

Decking Adelaide

These all structures are build out of the house and so it is said a home extension. Mostly, these all are used with a purpose of entertainment. Go through below guidelines to know more & precise about the same.

  • Patio: This is the roofless structure and having tiles or paving with it.
  • Deck: This is a flat structure which is made up of wood. This is mostly built above the ground level and connected with the building as said above.
  • Pergola: This structure is connected with the building just like a gazebo.
  • Veranda: This has a roof and mostly closed by fences. It is attached to the house through more than one side.
  • One more is, porch: It is having roof and it is connected with the building and it has rails. This is mostly having front side or back side door that allow accessing people before entering or leaving.

Purpose of pergola

Pergolas are having an open structure and it is having support of columns. The actual function of pergola is to deliver some relaxation time to people after a hectic working schedule. People find both the term confusing like, pergola and gazebo; both of them are different terms. Nowadays, people seek pergola installation to add architectural essence to the home and add extension to the home structure for the home.

Thus whether you require installing Decking Adelaide, pergola, gazebo, veranda, or any other home extension, you should always look into the comfort & style of your home. Will it suit your home structure or not giving your home a complete look? This is the main thing that you should think on. So be careful!

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