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Do you feel your home require re-stumping services? How could you know if you seek the service or not? I’ll tell you. Check, is there any crack in your plaster walls? Is the floor uneven? Do your window or doors stick? It is the time when you need to know that your house requires some stump love and it is the time to call experts for the house restumping in Melbourne services.

house restumping Melbourne

If your property is built on a concrete slab, most of the houses require restumping in Melbourne after a few time. Although, older houses are built on timber stumps which can last anywhere in between 15 to 80 years; it highly depends on different factors. If you are looking for major renovations then make sure the existing stumps are up to it. You can also consider restumping as a part of the job because through this you can save money and headache in the future.

What is restumping exactly?

Generally, restumping consist of removing the existing wooden stumps, to jack up the house, and replace them. During the restumping, floor levels need to be reset and it is possible that the movement will cause damaged tiles, cracked plaster and so on. Nowadays, the replacement stumps are mostly concrete, and it will be last longer than wooden stumps. You can restump a home partially if certain areas require to be treated. In this case, it is advisable to replace all the stumps at once. Because a restumping expert will always advise you on the best course of action.

When does a property need to be restumped?

There are many signs that you can look for; although, this include cracks on bricks or windows, doors, on the interior walls, and uneven floors which cannot be closed or open properly. You can note this down that it cannot be seen in property and will highly depend on the soil condition on which the home is built. Although, restumping can be done either partially or property stumps can be replaced. In certain cases, stumps that may seem to be in a complete situation may have defects that aren’t visible upon basic inspection.

house restumping Melbourne

After you assess the wooden stump condition or determining whether the homeowner requires home raising and obtaining the relevant permits, the home is raised with the use of a jack. Then, the contractor will replace stumps that aren’t longer deemed fit for use for the home while those are determined to stay fit. In certain cases, the property owners have to move elsewhere temporarily until all the associated works have been completed.


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Source: An Ultimate Guide On house restumping in Melbourne Services

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