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Why Pipes Burst And How To Prevent It?


When you hear the words “burst pipes,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many people, it’s expensive to call best and affordable Plumber Bentleigh service to clean up. But there are different types of pipe bursts, and they all require other solutions. If you’re curious about how these bursts happen and what causes them, then this article is for you! We’ll take a look at each type of burst and some preventative measures that can help keep your pipes safe from bursting in the first place.

Tips on How to Prevent Pipes Getting Burst

  1. Frozen water pipes

Water freezes when it reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so if your pipes are exposed to cold weather or if the water in them is below freezing, they could burst. Frozen pipes can also result from a burst pipe that’s allowed to sit and freeze overnight. In either situation, you might be able to prevent frozen pipes by insulating your home’s exterior walls with foam or other material that will help keep them warm during the winter months—but this strategy may not work for all homes.

  1. Clogged or corroded pipes

Clogged or corroded pipes are a big issue when it comes to burst pipes. There are many ways in which clogged or corroded pipes can happen, but they all have one thing in common: the pipe is damaged. It’s important to know why your pipe is damaged so you can prevent future problems and eventually fix them if they do occur.

There are many reasons why your pipes may become blocked or corroded: the most common culprits are water pressure fluctuations and hard water deposits. If these two things occur together, there will be an increased risk of clogging and corrosion because of increased pressure on the inside of the piping system (which tends to weaken metal) and more minerals building up on a regular basis (which increases corrosion).

The best way for you to avoid this problem altogether is by using some sort of filter system that uses carbon granules as well as other mechanical means like reverse osmosis systems which use membranes made from polypropylene rather than plastic (which doesn’t filter out everything), but if there has been damage already caused by age-old residue then those methods might not work either! You need something stronger than just filters; only cleaning chemicals will do here!

  1. Poor insulation

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One of the most common reasons for pipes to burst is poor insulation. Tree roots and rodents can damage insulation, but it can also be damaged by human error during installation or maintenance. For example, if an installer accidentally leaves a gap in your insulation when they’re laying pipe down your walls, you could get water damage on one side of your house because there’s no protection against freezing temperatures. This can lead to pipes bursting under pressure as well as mold growth inside walls or ceilings that makes allergy sufferers miserable for months on end!

  1. Severe weather conditions

Severe weather conditions are not your friend. They can cause pipes to burst in a variety of ways:

  • Cold weather is a common culprit for pipe bursts because water expands when frozen, and the inner walls of the pipes are not strong enough to withstand it. Luckily, most homes have an automatic shutoff valve that prevents flooding during cold weather. If you see a burst pipe and don’t have one of these valves, install one immediately!
  • When it snows heavily or rains hard in short periods (a phenomenon called flash flooding), storm runoff can flow over its banks and into your home through sewer drains or storm drains near your property line — potentially causing damage if they’re clogged up with debris from fallen trees or other objects that might be blocking them up already
  1. Improper installation

You should never try to install a pipe yourself if you are unsure about what you’re doing. It is always better to pay for a professional installation, especially if the pipes are in an area that is difficult to access.

If you decide to do the work yourself, make sure that you know exactly what steps need to be taken and have all of the necessary materials on hand before beginning. If you find yourself in doubt, hire Plumber Bentleigh, who already knows how it’s done!


The average homeowner doesn’t know how to maintain their home’s plumbing system properly; as a result, this can lead to serious (and costly) problems down the road. –Plumbers are specially trained professionals who help homeowners maintain their plumbing systems through routine inspections and preventive measures. -By hiring a plumber on an annual basis, homeowners can minimise the risk of catastrophic pipe bursts and save themselves both time and money in the long run.

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