Why Should You Install Security Camera At Public Places?


I would like to start this blog with a question, “how painful do you feel after hearing the news of terrorist attacks or robberies at certain places?” – The feeling couldn’t be expressed in words, I know. The installation of Security cameras Melbourne become necessity so that civilians found themselves safe wherever they go.


Here, I share a statistics that can simply showcase the percentage terrorist attacks occurred worldwide in certain years…

  • In the year of 2015, terrorist attacks reduced by 11.5% and the death ratio due to attacks is, 12.7% worldwide.
  • In the next year, the ratio decreased by 9.2% in attacks and death ratio becomes 10.2% according to the survey.
  • The same trend continues for the 2017 and the data says, the ratio will decrease 19.8% with the time.


Why? We Should We Think Of Camera Installation At Public Places?

Human life become such a mess as we have to live in a constant threat about attacks as we read the news headlines everyday about robbery, theft, rap cases, bomb blast, and kidnapping which couldn’t be solved or save lives without any proof. There is a way to handle the situation or to control over the tragedies; every public places should have Security Camera Installation Melbourne for safety purpose.

But, this arise a big question, what about public surveillance? Is installing cameras at public places be safe and secure? What about public privacy and protection? This held a huge debate on whether surveillance cameras should be installed in public places like, clubs, airports, schools, libraries, and other public properties? Of course, figuring this out would be difficult. Let’s see!


What Do People Want?

When this debate takes place, almost 42% of people have voted to “YES” for security camera installation at public place and 58% people have voted to “NO” as they don’t want to disclose their private life. Would you like people or government to notice all your move whether you walk on the street, driving the car, or hanging out & spending quality time with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Not at all.

People don’t want to disclose their private life to the public and thus many people disagree on the camera installation at certain places like gardens, cosy restaurants, or beaches. But, but there are also people who strictly want the camera installation to be happened at the public places. This will simply deliver protection and peace to the public.


Why It Should Be Happened At Public Place?

The purpose of surveillance camera is nothing but to keep an eye on the crime and can stop the incident before it happened. If it happened, then through the camera footage you can reach to the suspicious person and can control over the crime for the future.

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