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Why Supported Independent Living Is The Future Of Senior Care

Aged Care

Caregiving is a responsibility that can be both rewarding and challenging. It can also be expensive, especially when you factor in the cost of housing your loved one. With the rise in supported independent living in Melbourne facilities, caregivers are able to have their loved ones live independently while still receiving the care they need.

This model allows seniors to stay in their homes and avoid moving into assisted living facilities or nursing homes entirely.

The Preferred Choice for Seniors

Supported independent living in Melbourne is the preferred choice for seniors. Seniors are more likely to prefer independent living because it allows them to maintain their independence and community, while also providing the right amount of care and support.

supported independent living in Melbourne

Seniors who live in senior communities enjoy a higher quality of life than those who don’t. This can include increased socialisation, improved physical health, decreased depression and anxiety symptoms as well as better mental health overall.

Independent Living is also beneficial for caregivers because it provides them with peace of mind knowing that their loved one is receiving quality care from trained professionals who understand their needs as well as any concerns specific to them (elderly parents or grandparents).

Greater Autonomy and Control Over Daily Lives

The importance of independence in senior care cannot be overstated. For many seniors, maintaining control over their daily lives is what keeps them happy and healthy. This can include being able to make their own choices about where they live and how they spend their time.

Supported independent living allows seniors to have access to support services without having to give up their independence entirely or move into an institution like a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Support services can be provided by the senior themselves (such as with a personal care attendant), or by an outside agency that provides assistance with activities such as bathing and eating meals.

These types of services are available 24 hours per day so that you never have to worry about whether there will be someone around when you need help during the night or on weekends when most other facilities are closed.

Improved Quality of Life

As you age, quality of life is more important than ever. You want to live in an environment that makes you feel comfortable and happy.

Supported independent living is the perfect solution for this, because it gives seniors all the benefits of living independently while also providing them with a support network when they need it most.

In addition to offering a safe space for seniors to go about their daily routine without help from others (or even family members), supported independent living facilities also provide access to services like transportation, housekeeping and meal preparation–all things that are difficult or impossible for many older adults on their own due to health problems or mobility issues.

Cost-Effective and Sustainable Care Model

Supported independent living is a cost-effective and sustainable care model that provides seniors with the support they need to live independently. Unlike assisted living or nursing homes, it’s cheaper than both options.

And unlike in-home care, supported independent living is a long-term solution that can be tailored to suit your needs as they change over time — including things like medical needs, mobility issues and more.


As you can see, supported independent living Melbourne is a cost-effective and sustainable care model.

It gives seniors the independence they want while ensuring their safety and wellbeing. This type of senior living is also ideal for those who want to age in place but don’t have family members nearby who can help them with daily tasks such as cooking or cleaning.

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