Content Policy

The main cause behind the content policy is to give the reader healthy space where they can really share something good and knowledgeable stuff. For us, “The client safety and reliability comes first”. Our company holds the right to erase or correct the mislead posts at any time. Only those posts which violate the code of conduct will be deleted without any notice. We maintain regular check on every posts and comments to preserve decency.

Adult content:

Adult content is strictly forbidden on our website. Adult content includes pictures, videos which direct or indirect promotes nudity, any sexual activity, offensive language etc. If any deceptive content found, then we have right to edit or remove it. We also preserve right to remove blogs that violate the policies of the company.

Hate Content:

No hate speech or review is not allowed by our company. Even if this happens we hold all the rights to remove the blog or comment. However if content found by offensive by others but in actual there no such objections then it is not subjected to acted upon.


Its against the rule of the company to threat other people through any post or comment on blog. Even do not try to post the text / content of your blog which encourage the readers to take action against you.

Illegal activities:

Our company doesn’t tolerate the illegal activities on blog. We even take all the measure to restrict promotion of such activities and takes legal actions against the defaulter. For example if any blogger promotes activities like smoking, or drink and drive, or illegal drugs intake then their content will be deleted.

Personal and confidential information:

You are requested not to utilize other personal and confidential information and images on our website. You are not allowed to post personal information like driving license number, mobile number, credit or debit card number and other personal information.


Bloggers are requested to value the copyright and not to use other copyright material without taking the sufficient permission from the owner. Also make sure that you don’t supply any links where others can get unlicensed downloads of the copyright content.


We all come together to obtain knowledge so you are appealed to value each other. Do not bully / frighten others through your post and comments.

Child safety:

We severely don’t allow child abuse and sexual attractions for children. Any person found violating the rule will have to face strict action from our end. Even there are chances that their accounts will get terminated permanently.

Malware and viruses:

Bloggers are not allowed to post blog or comments which broadcast viruses and pop-ups without taking prior permission.


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