Privacy Policy

The expression “Privacy policy” means the policy (guiding principle) related to the information that you use while accessing our services. It also envelops our way of using your information with our partners but it not includes third parties. We are not responsible for the deed of third party but we make sure to maintain your personal information greatly safe & secure. We won’t share your information to somebody without your approval.

We work on the industry standards and thus apply greatly secured policies to guard you from any fraud or mistreatment of your information. For us protecting our client’s faith is our highest priority.


What kind of information is collected?
How your information is used?


The intention of collecting your information is to provide you improved services by figuring out various things about you like people you know, videos you might like, ads that you find helpful and other things like that.


To sign-up in our website you require to give us certain information about you. The data you pass us like name, email address, contact details and other details. You can also add your picture to get visibility widely.


We gather certain information after your use of our services. From the old activities; we use what services you had used and what ads and substance you watch and other such information. We also accumulate information about your log in device like operating system, network information and other such information.


We also bring together your location information like IP address, GPS and other information. This is done in to resolve problems related with IP address and technology problems if arises. Another motive behind this is to block fraud and abuse related thing.


The main purpose to gather such information is to endowment protection and makes it more user friendly services. From the information we collect from the users like you, are also used to produce services for users by analyzing user services in past. We also try to present customized content by analyzing the use of past services in order to give you more natural services.


When you browse our website, the data is sent on your website and that piece of data is stored on user website. When you are using website; notification will appear on website whether you recognize cookies or not. However if you do not agree to the cookies then you can’t use our convinced services of website or third party services. We permit access to the cookies to third parties when you browse their website.


Before the users get sign in with us, we do age verification. After the user confirmation that he or she is not a minor as per the law of state or province he or she resides. After that only the further process is proceed further.


There are diverse privacy concerns in different people’s mind. With us, we provide 100% clearness in whatever information we collect from you along with the choice:

Adjust: You have choice to make in the look of your website and can adjust the profile accordingly.

Control: You can also have total control over sharing of your information through our account.

Choice: You have preference whether you desire information to be collected about your browsing history or not.

Choice of sharing: With us you have preference to share and remove the content.


We respect your privacy and give you freedom when it comes to sharing the information. Your information is not shared with any outsider companies or individuals apart from the following:

  1. With your choice and permission, we share your details with outsider company and / or individual.
  2. Legal reason may be another reason; we may have to share your information to stop any fraud and cheating case. In certain legal processes we may ask to share user’s details.
  3. In order to show trend, we may use your non personal information.


This policy is used for each services of our company and for the services of our partners but our policy is not applied on other organizations and companies. We are only answerable for our company.


In order to offer you greater services, our policy may be subjected to regular changes but without your permission we will not change the rights of users.


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