5 Characteristics of a Poor Plumber and How to Avoid Hiring One


If you’re looking to hire a Plumber Croydon in your area, you’ll need to be able to trust that they will do the job right the first time and won’t charge you an arm and a leg in the process. Here are five characteristics of poor plumbers to watch out for so that you can be sure you aren’t hiring someone who will give you a bad experience or cost too much money.

1. Unprofessionalism

It may seem like common sense, but unprofessional plumbers can be worse than no plumber at all. Showing up late, not following through on promises, not returning calls or emails—these are all signs of an unprofessional plumber. Keep your plumbing problems to yourself by avoiding unreliable plumbers. To ensure you’re dealing with a professional who takes pride in his work and business, do some research and ask for references.

2. Offer Only Temporary Solutions

Be wary of companies that try to offer permanent solutions for problems. These fixes might not work and you could end up wasting time and money on something that doesn’t actually solve your plumbing problem. Instead, look for service providers who have experience with temporary solutions and can help you navigate through your issue until you can get better pipes installed or reach an affordable long-term solution with your plumber.

5 Characteristics of a Poor Plumber and How to Avoid Hiring One

3. Lack of Familiarity With Certain Issues

If a plumber knows very little about certain problems that might arise, they may not be as willing or able to fix them. If you’re having issues with your plumbing, it’s important that you look for someone who has experience in addressing those particular issues.

4. Uncommunicative

A poor plumber will never let you know what they’re doing. They may ignore your questions and won’t explain their processes, or they may respond in circles so that you’re left confused. The only way you’ll know if there are any issues is when something goes wrong. The best plumbers always keep their clients in the loop with clear explanations about how and why they do things, as well as what else might be needed for repairs.

5. Overpriced

Don’t believe anyone who charges you more than 10 percent above average. If you do hire them, be sure to get everything in writing. No one can guarantee that their work will last for years, but an honest plumber will tell you how long they think it should and make it clear that if anything goes wrong outside that window, you’re responsible for fixing it yourself or paying for further repairs—and shouldn’t expect a discount if you do.


avoid using temporary plumbers, as they tend to be more expensive and less reliable. In addition, avoid hiring someone who isn’t insured or licensed; most cities require plumbers to be licensed. If you can, ask for customer references before hiring a plumber and try to find out if there have been complaints about that person. Use websites like Yelp for reference checks and avoid posting reviews yourself unless you actually used their services.

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