5 Crucial Things to Know Before planning a trip to Alaska


Tours to Alaska are the most incredible experience that one must have in their lifetime. From beautiful wildlife to astounding landscapes, it is the most awe-inspiring holiday destination.

Alaska is home to acres of untouched nature and some of the largest national parks in the country, which is quite difficult to capture in an unplanned trip. Here are some things to help you before setting your Alaska itinerary.

When Are The Northern Lights Most Visible?

If you wish to see the famous northern lights, it is important to know that they are not visible throughout the year. The best time to plan tours to Alaska is in August and April for a mind-blowing light show.

Cameras pick up the lights better than the human eye. So, one important tip to remember is to always click the pictures, even if they are not clearly visible to the naked eye.

You Can Take A Private Vehicle Only To A Certain Point In Denali

Denali, the highest peak in North America, is one of Alaska’s most popular holiday destinations. It is a magnificent nature park with amazing views of mountains and wildlife.

The key point to note is that private vehicles are only allowed up to 15 miles. You can go further by making use of the bus system or enjoy a hike if you are a hiking person.

Tours to Alaska

The Rain Is Sporadic And Highly Unpredictable

Alaska is famous for its unpredictable weather. This implies that you should always be ready for sudden rainfalls. Relying on weather predictions is a sure way to be disappointed and have a bad experience.

Keep rain gear handy for both yourself and your accessories. While travelling, your camera is your best friend, and investing a little in its safety goes a long way.

Restraurant Limitations

Alaska is an isolated location, and getting food there is a challenge. This results in restaurants and food joints being a bit costly. So, if you are on a budget, make sure to plan accordingly and enjoy the local cuisine.

Also, remember that most places close as early as 8 PM, so research all the options wisely if you plan to have late dinners.

What Is The Best Time For Bear Sightings?

Did you know that grizzly bears are a kind of brown bear? Both black and brown bears are prevalent in Alaska. The main difference is that grizzly bears live in the mountains and are small in size, whereas brown bears live on the coast.

The best time to go bear-watching is from June through September. Also, May to July is the mating season, and you are likely to find a bear or two! during this time.

Also, carry bear spray for extra caution, or you can get new in Alaska ahead of time. Saying that, don’t forget bug spray, as they may be small but are definitely more likely to attack you!


Whew! There are many more things to do and know while planning tours to Alaska. This is a small insight that we wish to share with you as our bit to make your vacation memorable.

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