5 Pergola Ideas For Extending The Outdoor Living Space Shine


If you have a large outdoor living space, a Pergola Melbourne wide can be an excellent addition to your home. Pergolas are typically made of wood or metal and are often painted in bright colours to make them stand out. Look at these five pergola ideas to help you find the perfect pergola for your home!

What is a Pergola?

Pergolas are a very popular choice for extending the outdoor living space in your home. They are typically open-air structure that is covered by roofing materials but can also be made out of wood or other materials like metal and plastic. They’re great for offering protection from the sun and covering gardens and areas where you want to place plants.

Pergola Melbourne

What is the Purpose of a Pergola?

Pergolas can be used to extend the outdoor living space of your home. They are typically constructed with poles and beams and may also be built with posts instead of poles. They are most commonly found on outside walls or on either side of a porch. The purpose of a pergola is to provide shade, protection against rain and snow, and storage for plants.

5 Design Ideas and Style Inspirations

Adding Pergola Melbourne wide is a popular name for a roofed structure that provides shade or shelter. The pergola is usually open at the top, which gives an impression of openness and space to the rooms below. They are often used to beautify the house and provide extra space for outdoor activities.

1. Pergolas are a great way to add shade, privacy and greenery to your outdoor spaces. They are also an excellent source of natural light and a wonderful thing to look at during daytime hours. A pergola is perfect for covering areas where it might be difficult or dangerous to place a gazebo or other traditional structure.

2. Pergolas are also an excellent way to shield patios from the elements, keeping them shaded and protected while still allowing the natural light to pour in. They are a particularly good idea for larger patios where you might want to create the illusion of more space with a roof-like ceiling. This can be accomplished by placing a tall pergola to keep out some of the stronger sunlight and then letting the rest of the light seep through.

3. Putting pergolas on patios is also a fantastic way to create privacy for their use of them. There are many types of plants that grow well in the shade, and some plants thrive in full sun. By using pergola, you will keep the most sun-loving types of plants such as succulents and bromeliads away from your patio while letting other plants such as ferns or tropical flowering trees thrive.

4. Pergola is a fantastic shade structure for those that want to grow herbs. This will give your herbs enough light to thrive while giving you the privacy they need. Pergolas make it very easy to create shady outdoor rooms that are entirely self-contained in their space while providing much of the functionality they would have if they were directly connected to your house.

5. Pergolas are great structures to create in gardens. This can be accomplished by making them tall and wide so that they provide shade while allowing sunlight to enter through the sides of the pergola. This can also be achieved by making them short and wide so that they provide shade while allowing sunlight to enter from above the pergola.


A pergola is a triangular-shaped addition that can be constructed to cover a doorway or windows, usually creating an outdoor area. There are many different ways to build your own pergola, from using supports and boards to using materials like pallets and twine. While you can build your own pergola, it will be more difficult than if you hire a professional builder.

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