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8 Questions To Ask Your Decking Installer


When hiring a deck installer, asking the right questions is the best way to make a good decision and set your mind at ease.

If you’ve decided to install a deck and care about the results, ask questions to your deck builder first to be sure your decking Adelaide material suits your needs and that trustworthy decking professionals are building your deck.

If you do some research, you will be more informed when you get your quotes for the decking installation. 

Here are eight questions to ask potential builders to help pave the way for a smooth project. 

  • Are You Licensed And Insured?

Anyone can build decking if the project is under $20,000. That’s why there are a lot of ‘cowboys’ in the industry; anyone can pick up a hammer and tools and say they are a professional decking Adelaide installer. Ask if they have a license or if they are insured.

  • How Long Have You Been In Business?

Experience is necessary; ask them how long they’ve been building decking and how long they have been dealing with your specific material.

decking Adelaide

  • Do You Offer A Warranty?

Ask them to front what is required to maintain your warranties, what sort of service guarantee they offer, and the convenient steps if an issue should occur.

  • What Are The Steps Required For Council Approval, And Can You Take Care Of Them For Us? 

Your deck pro builder may not be able to complete the council approval process for you, but they should know about any licenses your project will require.

  • Can You Give Us A List Of Your Previous Work’s References? 

Ask to see pictures or testimonials online of recent projects; some will happily let you call a homeowner to ask about the service and installation process.

  • Will You Provide Us With A Detailed Quote That Includes All Materials And Labor Costs?

There are so many cheaper installers out there who will cut corners, and often there is no way of knowing you have a reasonable quote unless you have more than one.

  • When Can You Begin Work, And How Long Will The Project Take To Complete?

If an installer is well-organized, they should be able to give you a rough timeline of when your project will be finished

  • Will You Work With The Decking Material I Choose?

Some deck builders prefer to work with a specific material with which they know how to produce the best results. If they are inexperienced or not comfortable using a different material, you may need to seek a different professional deck builder to complete your project.


Your first quotes may not reflect the final cost of your deck; the deck installer will want to inspect your site before they give you a definitive quote. Conscientious decking Adelaide professionals will tell you every single thing you need to know, even if the cost is higher than the initial quote.

Choosing the right installer to work with for your deck project is essential, as it will affect the ultimate enjoyment you’ll get from your deck.

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