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An Informative Guide To Do Smart Keyword Research For SEO

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Keywords play a pivotal role while building an SEO strategy. It requires years of expertise as an SEO Melbourne firm and knowledge about every little update of Google or any other search engine. If you have planned keywords that nobody is searching then you will lose traffic from Google, no matter how efficiently you try.

In this guide, we as a peerless SEO company Melbourne pen down everything from the scratch about keyword research for newbie as well as season SEO geeks.

Let’s start with basics!

Explain Keywords And Keyword Research Terms In One Line

Keywords are phrases that people usually type into search engines while they look answers of something. Such a term is also called “search keywords” or “search queries”.

Keyword research is the process of digging keywords that you want to rank in search engines. It is completely about understanding the search intent of potential customers. It also includes finding and comparing keywords to find out the best opportunities to outrank competitors and drive more website traffic.

However, quality over quantity and thus, it doesn’t matter how many people visit your site until they purchase something or recommend people to buy products or services from you. This is grinding the benefits well. And, keyword research is believed to be the first step in the ranking race. It is the only way to find out what people are finding or facing and what they want Google to come up with.

If they reach onto a completely irrelevant subject page, they will never rely upon search engine like Google. This is why, Google always favour its searchers and keeps on updating its algorithm to make SEO nerds shed more efforts on reaching with relevant keywords, contents, and websites.

As a website owner or an SEO expert, your key focus should be on keyword part because if you create content about topics that no one is interested then it is waste of time, efforts, and energy.

It’s been noted that 90.63% of pages avail no traffic from Google.

Keyword Research Will Be Helpful To Find Out The Answer to The Below Questions:

  • What type of content should be perfect to create a ranking for a specific keyword?
  • How many efforts should I pour to hit the boundary?
  • Will people search for these keywords to find answers?
  • How much traffic will I suppose to earn?

Once you get answers to these questions, it will become smooth for you to be in the ring with your strategy. The main purpose of keyword research is to understand how customers search for the business. Then, you can combine knowledge with tools to find out more keyword ideas.


Here, we share simple steps you should go through.

  • Work on ‘seed’ keywords

If you hold eyewear store then ‘seed’ keywords can be, lenses, sunglasses, and spectacular.

  • Observe your competitors’ activity

Find out which keywords help your competitors to drive more traffic.

  • Make use of a keyword research tool

Google keyword planner is a good tool to sort this out. Or you can go for other alternate tool options.

  • Have a deep insight into your business

Know about your niche. Study your market in detail with browsing forums, Q&A sites, and groups.

Before you start training for SEO Melbourne we suggest you be part of online podcasts or more blogs about keyword research because it’s the basic you need to keep it strong!

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