Are Pyjamas the Latest Lounge Wear?


Loungewear was a relatively unheard term until COVID struck. But, the quarantine files and lockdown phase increased the sales of cotton pyjamas womens worldwide, making it the new fashion statement.

If you take a peek at the past, comfy beach pyjamas and sexy satin pyjamas have always been a featured style statement for fashionable women who love to wear beautiful and comfortable ensembles rather than the more restrictive ones they wear during the day.

Coco Chanel, a famous French designer, was recognised for combining elegance and comfort with baggy pyjama-style bottoms and loose-fitting tops. Comfortable pyjama styles had always been in fashion for both men and women but were more restricted to beach and nightwear.

Covid turned the world upside down, and one of the major changes it brought was the love of comfortable wear over skin tight fits. The reopening of offices made people realise the comforts of pyjamas, and that is what defines the latest fashion trends.

Technically, if you choose the pyjamas correctly, there is no difference between loungewear and sleepwear.

Now the question is – how do you choose the correct pyjamas?

Choose the pyjamas that compliment your body and let you breathe. The fabrics and prints should match your vibe and coordinate with the style of your residence.
Before investing, ensure the durability of the pyjamas and maintain them carefully so they don’t fade.

Below are mentioned some amazing pyjamas that will make you rule the pyjama fashion.

cotton pyjamas womens

Printed Cotton Pajama

The most basic and comfortable pyjamas are cotton pyjamas womens, which are a must in every wardrobe. Lightweight, stretchy and incredibly soft, they are the perfect apparel for a cozy night’s sleep.

Cuffed Short Sleeved Pajama Set

This set comes with a short-sleeved shirt or t-shirt. It can either be paired with Capri pyjama pants or bell-bottom style pants. The cuffed sleeves add an adorable look to the ensemble.

Jersey Fabricated Pyjama Set

This is quite a popular set among women these days and has inspired street fashion too. Both the top and bottom are made from the same colour jersey material and are very comfortable to lounge in or wear while travelling.

Collared Neck Silk Pyjama

These are made from pure silk that is hand dyed and are very soft on the skin. The lustre of the material adds to its appeal, making you feel like the princess you are supposed to be.

Satin Sleepwear

Satin pyjama sets are a near-close experience of silk nightwear. These are also shiny and super comfortable. You can opt for them instead of silk if you want to spend less.

The end conclusion is that pyjamas never were and never will be out of fashion. Cotton pyjamas womens have always been a part of life in one form or another and are your best friends on your worst and best days.

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