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Blockchain and Search Marketing – How Does These Both Correlate?

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Let’s take a techno drive today. Have you heard about Bitcoin or blockchain? If you are a techno-reader, you may well aware of these both terminologies. For newbies, a simple introduction of bitcoin is, it is a technology that enables Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to operate. It allows the user to handle the transaction process without any mediator with high security. Now, the question is, how does blockchain relate with SEO? Go through below guide for knowing does blockchain impact on SEO – A Guide by SEO Sydney you should consider.

According to Digital Marketing Sydney based agency Zib Media – “The blockchain technology becomes a centre of the buzz due to a sudden lift of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin that bring attention to the boom.”

Before heading ahead, let’s get the introduction of Blockchain…

Blockchain is definitely a complicated technology but it is immutable. It holds the power to change the way of working in most of the industry, starting from banking to SEO. It has a decentralized ledger where every party that uses blockchain will have a record in a spreadsheet format instead of third-party records. With every transaction, the spreadsheet gets updated. If anyone claims data theft, the blockchain comes into the picture with the records and eliminate wrong data. This can simply be a secure way to verify the assets and move from start to finish.

Blockchain and Search engine optimizationA Big Picture!

  • First comes, link building

If you have a basic idea of SEO, you might be known with the term “link building”. Natural link building becomes the strongest strategy for uplifting the google rank than using blog comment links. Blockchain will make this easy for the search engines to detect the websites they catch through paid links.

  • Data verification

Well, user interaction can be a key to your success as it is helpful for web crawlers to help your site to reach on the peak. Blockchain implementation can verify both; human traffic and separate it for delivering an effective ranking. On the other hand, paid digital advertising can be a fraud as it becomes impossible to tell that the clicked ad was an activity of human or bot. Thus, blockchain is a strong solution for solving the problem and connect with advertisers with potential customers. 

  • Keyword mining

Mining effective keywords become problematic as every device, users, and regions has different requirements and settings. Keyword research will require sufficient device space to create data-heavy results. In this situation, blockchain comes up as a saviour by securing and processing the interactions with the transactions.

Bottom Lines!

So, I hope you get satisfied with the blockchain guideline and you can stick to this blog clusters for more updates on upcoming days. I as an SEO executive of Trusted SEO Sydney must tell you that SEO is a big sea and coming up with the right source is more important. Good luck champs!

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