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Breast Augmentation: Risk and Safety of The Surgery

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The decision to undergo any breast implant, or augmentation or lift-up surgery is extremely personal, and it completely depends on you. You will have to weigh the benefits to get the desired breast with the possible complications and risk of the breast implants surgery.

Breast Implants

Before performing any Implant or breast augmentation surgery, the doctor will ask questions with the sign the consent forms to make sure that you understand the procedure and complications as well.

Many women are mistaken about the conflict information they hear, so better you read everything and then you decide. It is a procedure that usually carried out with the person under the anaesthesia and it takes 60 to 90 minutes to perform.

In this procedure, a surgeon will cut the skin on the underside of the breast, dissect a pocket from the breast and place the implant. After that, they will sew the cut again before covering it with a dressing.

This is the method but, a person should not make the decision to have breast implants lightly. Because it is not only an expensive procedure but it needs so many confirmation and all. People regularly ask these question before going to the surgery.

  • What is the common breast implant risk?
  • Do breast implants make the person sick?
  • What happens if I want to implants removed?
  • Are the implants safe and secure?
  • What are the concerns?

Common risks of breast implants:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Anaesthesia Risk
  • Hematoma
  • Poor healing
  • Sensation changes in the breast and nipple
  • The defective position of the implant
  • Leak or rupture of the implant
  • Persistent pain
  • Surgical revision

These breast risks and others will be fully discussed before your consent. So Itis very important that you understand each and everything and get the answer from your breast implants Melbourne surgeon.

Here is some consideration you may follow if you are thinking to go for the implant surgery:

  • It is not guaranteed to stay for a lifetime and future surgery, maybe it is required to replace.
  • The factors like weight loss, pregnancy and menopause can influence the appearance.
  • It requires the regular examinations of the health and evaluation of the status of the implant as well.

There are some Common local complications including the loss of sensation in the nipple or painfully sensitive nipples. In addition, there are many women who are not satisfied with the aesthetic look after breast implants. May it looks unnatural, or I would say asymmetrical.

You can notice them by getting this,

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Temporary pain
  • Tightness in the chest

Other than Common complications it also includes infection and many surgical risks with chronic breast pain, capsular contracture, ruptures and leaks, and necrosis. This risk needs another additional surgery of the breast.

Breast Implants Melbourne

Ending lines,

Breast implant/ Breast augmentation Melbourne surgery carries risks. There are times when it does not go as planned and people face a bitter experience but you can go for the safe also if you choose a good clinic for that.

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