Breast Implants and Augmentation
Breast Implants

Breast Implants and Augmentation: What you need to know?

Breast Implants

It is always important to know the details about the surgery from start to finish before undergoing any surgery. Knowing what you must expect about the outcome and the dos and the don’ts after the surgery is very important so that you can plan ahead and prepare for the same.

Many women who undergo breast implants find themselves to be happy with the results of their augmentation and also enjoy their results for years and won’t need any secondary procedures like breast implant replacement procedure or the removal. In most cases women experience positive results for almost 10 years or even more before the implants must be replaced. Those who are happy with the procedure after 10 years and do not experience any issues then no surgery is required. But, some revision is required over time.

If you are looking for breast implants in Melbourne, you can check for the same online, wherein the procedure of breast augmentation in Melbourne or Rhinoplasty in Melbourne is performed safely by the specialist plastic surgeon.

breast augmentation in Melbourne

Although the procedure is complex than the initial breast augmentation surgery, you need to take special care in order to select a particularly knowledgeable surgeon having significant experience in this particular field.

Breast Implant Removal – Who must consider?

There are various instances when the women must strongly consider having a breast implant removal procedure either by deciding herself or as a first step in the process of breast revision surgery. The procedure of breast removal or breast implant is performed whenever the women experience the following:

  • Dissatisfaction with the original procedure or the implant size
  • The need for replacing the implants
  • Capsular contracture
  • Deflation or rupture
  • Issues with sagging

In most cases, the procedure of breast implants is beneficial to the remedy of women’s concern and the essential precursor to breast revision surgery.

Breast Implants

Is breast implant removal procedure more complicated than breast segmentation?

The breast revision surgeries and breast implants in Melbourne are more complex than the initial procedure of breast augmentation. There could be many reasons for the same. The excision of the breast capsule aro0und the existing implant is required and might turn out to be challenging if the capsular contracture is present. The new pocket is created in order to improve the breast shape and the breast skin must be tightened with the breast lift.

Pros and cons of breast implant

Saline breast implants are great because:

  • They’re cost-efficient
  • Smaller incisions
  • Low rate of capsular contracture
  • No need for follow-up MRI scans and regular visits to your doctor
  • They’re adjustable in case of leaks,
  • the saline solution is absorbed by the body and
  • won’t cause any health issue because saline is a normal constituent in the body
  • Improves the appearance
  • Improves self-image and increases the self-confidence
  • Implants last a long time
  • Breast implants add volume to the breasts that help fill out clothing’s better.


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