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How to Choose Short Term Or Long Term Airport Parking Option?

Airport Parking Melbourne
Airport Parking

It has been asked many times, “what should we do with our vehicle while we travel?”, “how to ensure the safety of our vehicle when we are gone for long?” But we think the first thing you need to answer is how long exactly you plan to be away, and the rest of the other thing are done accordingly.

Short term vehicle storage

While you look forward to travel only for a few weeks you can leave your car in the garage, driveway or a parking lot. You can also ask a friend or a taxi to drive you to airport. You can also, leave your vehicle at the airport or even better you can choose to take an off the airport free shuttle service to the airport. An off-airport parking lot cost you usually half the price of leaving your vehicle at the airport directly which will only cost you about 15-20 minutes more to the airport.

Tip! If you have a friend living close by to airport you can choose to keep the vehicle at their place and get a much cheaper ride from that point and save money.

Melbourne Airport Parking

Can you leave your car at the airport?

Yes, you can leave your car at the airport and most of the airports do offer a long-term parking. As, if you are travelling from eastern Australia like from Melbourne, airport parking at Melbourne provides reliable and cheap car parking facility.

Two weeks to a few months

If you plan to be away for a few months, and you are not able to leave your vehicle anyplace reliable, you can ask about the long-term rates and leave your vehicle in at available lot.

Long term vehicle storage

If you plan to leave for a long term, like say for year or beyond, unlike short term travelers you might need to rent out a place to put your things into a storage and so for your vehicle storage problem you have many options are available to keep your vehicle.

Interior storage

If you are worried about elements like rodents, insects, weather damages, you should opt for an inside storage. There are many options available from large facilities to renting someone’s garage.

But in the large complexes, you will find that the cost of the interior storage is twice that of the exterior storage garages or facilities. Some of the facilities even offer temperature and security monitoring, which increases the cost of the service provision. You should first-hand confirm what services you are looking forward and what they are offering.

Personal Garges

Personal Garages are a popular option to rent, owners put up their personal garages to make some extra cash. They are perfectly okay, only problem that arises with that is there was no one watching over the garage. But you can always ask a friend for a favor, who can go down to the garage and check on your stuff

So, when you are leaving for an extended trip it is one the hardest things to do. But, if you are from Melbourne, we have got just the right thing for you. There are options of long-term and short-term vehicle storage options as well. You can get short-term car park at Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne where you will find low cost solutions with optimum vehicle security.


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