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Importance of Mechanical Seals- Things You Should Know As a User

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Have you ever heard about any carbon products? Or have you visited any Carbon Product Manufacturer in India Company in your lifetime? If your answer is no, and if you want to learn more about this, then you should start from basics. Let’s start the guide with knowing mechanical seals.

Mechanical seals are being used in pumps for many years, but they’re still a ‘lesser-known’ component. Besides, there has been virtually negligible modification happened in their style.

If you are a techno-savvy person, then you know that seal play s vital role within the correct functioning of the pumps. But it’s our leak of knowledge we didn’t know about any carbon and graphite products used by Graphite Products Manufacturers in India in pumps and other products.

With this guide, we give you a brief description of the importance of mechanical seal which you should know as a user.

  • How many types of mechanical seal available in the market?
  • Stationary Seal – It is mostly used in the spring holds to remains element stationary within the gland organ plate
  • Balanced Seal – It is used in pumps when spring pressure and face load reduced so that it gives stability to machine and it seals the face of the machine.
  • Unbalanced Seal – When Stuffing Box makes Wedge-shaped force on the face at that time, this seal is more useful.
  • How to give long life to mechanical seal pumps?

Graphite Rod Manufacturers India


A pump system is susceptible to fluctuation because of numerous reasons. Once the vibrations transmit through the blade to the mechanical seal, the performance of a pump shifts removed from the simplest potency purpose.

When a pump operates close to the crucial speed, giant-scale vibrations occur that is dangerous for the health of a mechanical seal pump. Excessive vibrations will cause the breakdown of lubricating film stiffness. It conjointly causes fatigue failure of the welds.

Vibrations loosen the driving force collar set screws. It causes a loss of the torsion transmission on the rotating elements.


The design of a mechanical seal is sort of easy. Its 2 parallel faces that slide past one another. A fluid mechanics film keeps them apart by providing lubrication once the seal operates.

If decent lubrication isn’t obtained, then the lubricating fluid is equipped from outside. To create the skinny film, it’s essential that the 2 faces are dead parallel to every alternative.

Other Options:

In a twin seal system, 2 sets of seal faces are put in because of the basined seal unit. Within the twin seal, the lubrication is maintained within employing a self-circulating fluid.

It ensures that the contaminated fluid doesn’t get leaked into the seal. Also, it keeps the lubricating seal faces chill and spotless. The dynamic nature of mechanical seal makes it the primary factor to fail once the system fails.

In short, regular maintenance keeps the mechanical seal pump within the pink of its health. Not solely, it keeps the pump operational; however, ensures 100% potency.

Graphite Rod Manufacturers India

Summing Up,

This is the basic things about mechanical seal which give you some knowledge. If you want to learn more, then you should go for the visit of Graphite Rod Manufacturers India where all type of carbon products manufacturing.

Source  : What Are The Benefits Of Mechanical Seals At The User Ends?

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