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Duct Cleaning

Pay Less utility Bill with Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

Every year, the electricity consumption of your heating and cooling system increases. Of course, you want to diminish it and save big on the utility bills; that’s why duct cleaning in Melbourne is highly recommended. There are several ways in which a duct cleaning service can help you diminish the total electricity consumption.

Duct Cleaning Melbourne

For better understanding, let’s read the following:

How to Save?

Your everyday activities can contaminant the air with toxins, dander, air bones, dust, and other pollutants without your being aware of it. You can consider your heating and cooling systems as the lungs of your home that are constantly circulating the air in your entire building. Now, imagine, how harmful the polluted air duct of your cooling or heating system can be. Besides, a dirty duct, especially the duct coil consumes 30% more energy than usual to cool or heat your home. Also, the dirty duct clogs airflow through the system leading to undesired temperature.

Cleaning your air duct often allow you to get the most of your cooling or heating system. Also, it prevents any harmful bacteria and virus to enter your home. Therefore, duct cleaning is healthy and pocket-friendly.

How does it work?

Regular furnace or air condition system servicing and replacing the filters is the best way to maintain clean and fresh air flow in your entire home. Source removal is the most effective way to clean the duct, which removes debris and build-ups. But, only professional contractors can place the powerful and specialised vacuum under the negative pressure. The specialised vacuum draws air via the brushes, system, and air whips. After that, the compressed air nozzles are inserted right inside the air ducts to eliminate any remains that might be clogging the interior surfaces. These remaining can easily travel through the air and lead to several respiratory and allergic issues.

Tips for augmenting the life of your furnace or Heat/Cold system

  • Change the air filter more frequently
  • Keep your home insulated
  • Upgrade your thermostat with the advanced technology
  • Go for an HVAC inspection
  • Clean your duct regularly

Not changing the air filters are the biggest reasons for inefficient furnace or cold/heat system. Moreover, it’s better to change it on time and save than replacing the entire system and pay more.

Heat or cold air can escape through windows, chimneys, doors, even the tiny gaps between floorboards. Hence, it’s crucial to keep your home properly insulated.

Having an outdated system is not good for your health as well as electricity consumption. Upgrade it with the latest and advanced model so that it can run for a long time.

Don’t ignore your heating/cold system or furnace; instead, go for complete HVAC inspection. The inspection can detect the faults, resolve it, and save you from a costly affair.

Like any other system units of your home, clean the duct more often. It improves indoor air quality and the performance of your furnace.


Avoiding the condition of an air duct isn’t a smart move as you may end up with a huge utility bill or maybe a serious health condition. So hire the best duct cleaning specialist today!

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