Should I Give Experience Gifts To My Better-half On This Anniversary?


What will you choose to amaze your spouse? Clothes? Jewellery? Diamonds? Or gadgets? Don’t you think, it’s time to plan something epic?!!! Have you ever heard of experience gifts instead of movie tickets, party nights, skydiving, or any other activity? The science has straight advice, here I’m going to share: If you want to buy & gift someone a packet of happiness then it would be better to spend money on an experience than any other thing (materialistic things).

There are many reasons that denote that experiences can make people happier whether it’s a gift or something you have planned to give. Why should you plan experience gifts for men for the next wedding anniversary, birthday party, or Valentine’s Day? 

An overlook on why experience gifts are way better than materialistic things

  • When you gift experiences, it will build a relationship

Most of us have memories of a perfect planned & executed holiday with the person we love the most. Whether it’s someone of having same gender or another half (spouse). But, what happens when the day that you have planned to become one of the exotic moment fade back into boring work routine?!!! Why don’t you surprise your loved one with experience gifts that you can cherish for the lifetime?

Through receiving & giving experience gift, you can prolong and turbo-charge the relationship with those who participate with you in the adventure.

  • It will help to showcase love toward each other

Often, we choose gifts for people that are close to us and whom we want to give awesome celebration time. To choose the right pair of things, we shop for someone with real interest and passion. Generally, people don’t care about how much you spend on gifts. Through, delivering experience gifts, you can convey love to each other and spend some personal time together.    

What to do & what not to do for the gift experiences


  • You should put the time in. Figuring out the right gift to the right person take time and no one wants to bargain at the last moment.
  • You should understand what kind of traveller & what interest do the person hold before booking a holiday package.


  • You should never overthink the thing. Though, there are various things that can make the loved one happy. Then, a way is to plan out when you find something good.
  • Never ever overdo the thing. You will have amazing adventures in the country.
  • You should never regret investing in any expensive gifts.

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