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Top 7 Questions You Need Ask a Real Estate Agent before Hiring

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Real Estate Agents in Essendon is at a bloom. The once multi-cultural region with a heavy European influence has now started gentrification that is attracting young and hip people. Today, there are a range of immigrants that are beautifying its cultural mix even further. While you too look forward to selling your property to someone who can take care of your beloved home, happening café or a gorgeous restaurant with a bar, the first thing you need to do is find a good real estate agent. Here are some questions that can help.

  1. Do they work fulltime or part-time as a real estate agent?

Always go for a full-time agent, they are more likely to get you potential buyers, more time and attention.

  1. How many properties have they sold in neighborhood in past one or two years?

Go for a person who has a good track record in your neighborhood. Also, look for the different types of properties he has sold. If he has sold only home, he might not be that efficient in selling a café, or a bar. So, choose wisely. The more stats and data they share, more confident and willing they are to share their expertise.

real estate Brunswick

  1. How many sellers are they working for now?

A busy agent might be too busy to work on your project and an agent with no client can be a red flag and indicator of his incompetence. But that all depends on what answer they give for the question no. 2, so don’t jump on any conclusion immediately.

  1. What part of the process will they personally handle and what will be delegated others?

    The Real Estate Agents Ascot Vale usually delegate and this way you will also be able to test their knowledge on the process, say about the marketing and advertising tactics used by them, open houses, negotiation of price and terms, qualification of buyers and more.
  2. Is their fees negotiable?The commissions are always a negotiation and if you come across a real estate agent that says no, leave. Move to someone else. There are many business models available today in the market that are transforming the industry, they range from a flat fee to the traditional commission approach on the sales price.Real Estate Essendon
  1. At what price do they think the property will sell in the current market?This will help you know the understanding of an agent for the market, how much they are known to the process. You are looking for an experienced real estate agent that will refer to market data, his personal market analysis and then give you a value.  Also, their answer should surround around the locality, and the amenities your property has currently.
  1. Asking for a written CMA and a list of homes currently on the market?

A written comparative market analysis is a must. The details will tell you a lot about your agent and particularly about the knowledge he/she holds in the market. Also, you will be able to negotiate well on the price and ask them about why a property is being sold higher than your property and will know a lot to reflect.

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