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Top Physiotherapy Techniques To Help Correct Poor Posture

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Poor posture can cause frequent back pain, muscle, and joint pain, and may make it much harder to do the things you want to do. Plus it doesn’t look good on anyone. In this article, we will explore the common techniques that various physio St Kilda use for improving posture.

Poor posture can really take a toll on our shoulders and musculoskeletal system, making bedtime much harder than it has to be. In order to fix and prevent poor posture, it’s important to understand the body mechanics at play – have a read this article for some great guidance on how to do just that!

Top Physiotherapy Techniques To Help Correct Poor Posture

Basics of Posture

Posture is important for all people, not just those who suffer from back pain. It can improve the shape and alignment of your back and the form of your lower body. For those with serious chronic conditions such as back pain, osteoporosis, or arthritis, posture can even help to alleviate common symptoms. Physiotherapy techniques are excellent for correcting posture problems due to an imbalance in movement or a weakness in the active muscles surrounding that part of the body.

Correct body alignment is an important part of physical wellness, and good posture can affect your appearance and help prevent many health issues. Posture affects your breathing, digestion, blood circulation, leg length, spine, and more. Poor posture also causes tension in numerous places throughout the body.

Causes of Poor Posture

Posture plays a large role in maintaining healthy alignment, muscular strength and flexibility, and preventing pain. Fortunately, physiotherapy has documented how to help correct poor posture. Accomplishing this requires working on the balance of three separate systems: The musculoskeletal organs (bones and joints), the neurophysiological system (tissues ranging from muscle to spinal cord), and the neuromuscular system (brain).

Correcting Poor Posture

Posture is important for our health and for physical fitness, but it is also necessary for successful communication. If you are suffering from pain or chronic muscle aches in your back or neck, your posture can be the cause of these issues. One of the best ways to correct incorrect posture is a physiotherapy treatment commonly known as cervical traction. This treatment uses light weights to create a pull at the cervical area to help support your spine and relieve pain. Physiotherapists often use waist belts or straps called cuffs to keep you in one spot during this process where they can set self-regulating stretching patterns that focus on different problem areas within your body.

Top Physiotherapy Techniques for Correcting Poor Posture

To correct poor posture, an individual should work to build strength in their core muscles.

Strengthening abdominal and lower back muscles will help lift the shoulders up, which will level the body.

Another technique for correcting poor posture is foam rolling when sitting. The goal is to release tight tissues on a large scale and reintroduce fresh blood flow into those areas of the body that have been dormant from long periods of sitting.


Further, there are certain physical movements that can improve your posture. These include standing in dorsiflexion, finding iliopsoas muscle strength, and shoulder elevation.  for more detailed information about therapy and physio St Kilda experts, speak with experts.

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