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Upgrade the Website Ranking Power by Deleting Old Contents

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Online business racing becomes more & more interesting with each passing year. Google (we all are aware of it, of course!) – We are surrounded by online research & marketing. When we start the buzz about current situation, you couldn’t stabilize your business image without approaching SEO Melbourne Company. Because, efforts in the right direction can uplift the website according to SERP.

Let’s have a live example on this given by an expert of SEO Company Melbourne:

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Have you ever reach to the website or blog site with having poorly written contents? A website or content that make you a total waste of time while you spend your 5 to 10 minutes in reading that content. But, those days are gone when Google rank those keyword-stuffed contents. Google has updated algorithms many times since last six to seven years.

Knock knock to all those who are still sticking to the old content sites & complaining about their website ranks. Check out your website: Is your website still holding poorly written & keyword stuffed contents? Are the old contents pulling back your website on Google or any other platform?

Which kind of contents should you delete from the platform?

  • Contents that are having short word count like blogs under 1000 words have a poor effect on search engine.
  • Blogs that don’t have links and valuable data, information, or contents.
  • Contents that are full of stuffed keywords that try to hit the place for the old SEO.
  • Beware of the duplicate contents and make sure your content is completely unique, simple, original, and use appropriate software to check whether the written content is original and SEO-friendly or not.

SEO Company Melbourne

Have a glance at Content Evolution

Prior to 2011, the web was an altogether different spot. Google depended all around vigorously on watchword utilization in content, and composing concentrated on utilizing those catchphrases. It didn’t generally make a difference what else the substance was about; that watchword guaranteed that anybody searching for pet supplies in your general vicinity would see your site. From that point they could visit your customer facing facade, visit your retail outlet, and make their buys.

What occurred in 2011 is the Google Panda update. Panda changed the calculation to a considerably more regular type of recognizing the theme of substance, and at the same time cheapened such maltreatment of definite match catchphrase use.

You can without much of a stretch make new, significant substance from your old posts in case that you can refresh it and make it current once more: old wine in new jugs, as the platitude goes. You could, for instance, supplant more established pieces of that substance with updates, or you could combine three old blog entries about a similar subject into one new post. In the event that you do this, it would be ideal if you make sure to divert the old post URLs to the new post, utilizing a 301 Redirect. More on that later.

Later On!

Uplifting the online business become simple when you approach the best SEO Adelaide that can help your online business to grow. You should surely dump older contents & add some positive, informative, unique, grammatically correct contents to help the business grow. Because, Google is changed now!

Source: Is it Possible to Delete Old Contents for Uplifting the Website Rank

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