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What Are The Difference Between Asphalt And Concrete? –Here Guide


If you’re building a brand new home or just refreshing aspects of your current home, victimization the correct private road material is crucial. For driveways, there are 2 essential paving materials to settle on from concrete and asphalt. The primary question raise is: “What is that the distinction between associate asphalt vs. Concrete Adelaide driveway?”

Though, these materials vary in some ways, they even have some similarities. First, each asphalt and concrete have a gravel base. They’re each created with stone and sand. The first distinction involves adhesive materials. Asphalt is rock oil-primarily based whereas concrete is formed of cement.

Not sure if you must select associate asphalt or concrete driveway? Then after reading this blog, you get a proper idea which is best for you because here we compare both with different aspects of their utility and requirements.

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When we check both materials on the basis of cost asphalt is cheaper than the popular concrete. As per the survey, asphalt material has cost around $3 to $5 per square foot for the home driveway. And on the other side concrete cost is $5 to $10 per square foot for the equivalent driveway.


If we only consider only for cost then it is not right, you should use other parameters like weather or climate. You should check which materials suit your weather condition. When temperate constantly be on high, then asphalt becomes soft, and that put it in danger of cracking. Concrete, on the opposite hand, is additional proof against high temperatures that makes it a higher possibility in areas wherever higher temperatures are traditional.

Also, we should consider the winter season. For this, they both have opposite reactions. Asphalt is better than concrete because concrete can be cracks in extreme cold situations.


On the parameter of maintenance to confirm it invariably appearance nice and performs even larger. If we check asphalts, it should be sealed every 2-3 years, and it must be fully recoated after 5-10 years. In asphalts materials, you can do your patchwork so that repairing option is available.

On the other side, concrete sealing is not requiring. Concrete generally solely wants a decent cleanup, and reckoning on the kind of concrete used, and wherever you reside, it should solely get to be sealed each 5 around years, if at all.

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Life –period

Asphalt and concrete have different life period like 20-25 years and 30-40 years, respectively. So that on this parameter concrete can be your first choice if you don’t want to renovate your home driveway in less period time. Thus if it’s sturdiness you’re searching for, there’s one clear-cut alternative like concrete.


As concrete comes in a different colour so that it helps to improve the curb charm of a community. Clean sealed concrete helps to provide the impression that the home is well-cared for which businesses do well. On the other hand, asphalt comes in only black colour, so there is no space to give them extra finishing.


From the above comparison, you can select your suitable materials, whether it is Asphalts or Concrete Adelaide as per your aspects. As both have their merits and demerits, so you can check the materials on your parameter and choose it.

Source:Which One Is Better Asphalt Or Concrete For Your Home Parking?

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