fidget toys help anxious people
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What Role Do Fidget Toys Play in Helping Children Learn and Manage Anxiety?

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Fidget Toys For Anxiety come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including cubes, spinners, and balls, and are popular among people who have trouble staying still. These toys are a popular technique to relieve tension and anxiety, despite the absence of large-scale scientific data to support their effectiveness.

Fidget toys have been popular in recent years as a way to relieve stress. Fidget toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, also getting Body Sock Australia is especially beneficial to people who suffer from anxiety and feel tense or jittery. You can shop this toys online or from your local market.

Anxiety sufferers can choose from a variety of fidget toys. The following are examples of different types:

  • Tension balls that can be squeezed
  • Fidget spinners are a type of fidget toy.
  • Chewable pendants or straws made of playdough or putty
  • Diffusers for the senses
  • Fidget cubes with six sides
  • Fidget toys can also be purchased to target each of the five senses. 
  • Toys with olfactory, oral, and tactile components are among them

What are fidget toys and how do they work?

fidget toys help anxious people

Moving, rotating, or manipulating an object can assist to soothe or calm some people. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) sufferers, for example, find solace in repetitive acts such as twirling their hair or picking their cuticles. They employ these repetitive routines to calm themselves and distract themselves from their obsessions and concerns.

However, while this response can provide immediate relief, it may not be effective in treating some anxiety symptoms in the medium and long term. Exposure therapy, for example, is a typical OCD treatment that involves exposing a person to a setting that triggers anxiety. This enables individuals to confront the source of their fear and break free from obsessive behaviours.

Fidgeting may activate exciting areas of the brain involved in attention in some persons. Displacement activities, such as repetitive movements, can be used to relieve stress. Even though this may have varied effects on different people, some research has been done. Fidgeting, according to a reliable source, gives more respite for men in high-pressure situations.

Spinners, cubes, and other fidget toys are designed to relieve stress while also potentially improving concentration. In a 2018 study including 60 children with ADHD, however, the opposite impact was shown. Fidget spinners were found to lower activity, distract children, and cause them to pay less attention to their surroundings, according to the study.

This could be because the spinner was a distraction in and of itself, as it needs active movement and intentional fidgeting. Other research, for example, has suggested that inadvertent fidgeting may aid with focus. There is currently minimal proof that fidget toys have a positive effect on attention.

In general, studies indicating whether fidget spinners can help with anxiety are sparse, necessitating more research.


Body Sock Australia wide are becoming increasingly popular as a technique for some people to cope with anxiety-related restlessness. However, there isn’t a lot of evidence to fidget toy efficacy for anxiety. They are unlikely to assist alleviate anxiety and appear to be less successful than other choices, such as counselling, even though they may give a brief distraction from symptoms. 

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