Pressure Decay Leak Test

Why Pressure Decay Leak Testing Significance For Industrial Products?


Before starting the session, it is essential to understand about Pressure Decay Leak Test and its uses. This test is used to find the significant leaks in industrial area like water leakage, buildings and unlike methods used in the manufacture and for the company safety and also used for product testing to ensure the quality and safety. Pressure decay leak testing having two methods to find industrial leaks. One was pressure decay method it will measure by costless tools and take less time and approaches to do where second is helium ion process that requires costly tools and very difficult and takes time to measure and find the leaks. Pressure decay method is an old fashioned testing method as it available for decades.

Pressure decay leak test is the preferred method among other methods just because of its simplicity and easy to attach feature. It’s a pressure vessel with air that used to find the loss of the pressure in given time and that loss in pressure is nothing but the location of the leak. Most of the time test performed in a short time but based on the area and part sometimes its take some time to find the leak with the desired result. How industries use a pressure leak test for industrial products and machines? Then test gives a quantitative solution; therefore, use of the test is always in the products which need a perfect standard.

Like medical machines, then you know it must need an ideal measure to send in the market because without checking the standards, it may not function well and can arise the issues. Process control of the manufacturing is always essential because if something went wrong or if any leakage found in the machine then it effects on the production, and that’s why the applying pressure decay leak test you can alert your machine operator that production process needs stopping.

Active the test means benefits in every area by making automotive like in production, goods process, medical machines and many more. Because this test is used to find the detecting faults in industrial products and surety to the manufacturer that your production process is going smoothly. And it’s very easy to apply and less costly compared to other methods.

Benefits of Pressure Decay Leak Testing

Tactful to detect any leaks

Also, Test in coercion atmosphere

Find the Pressure Rate easily

Can gauge to a volumetric run

Report flow loss

Provide a complicated and straightforward leaks test method

Pressure decay test also comes with customize feature for industry needs. Like automotive approach, Consumer goods, energy find and much other transportation. Depending on the requirement method comes with high sensitivity than normal tests. It’s necessary to note the size of the product and testing intervals because it relies on the sensitivity of the method.


What are you waiting for? Conduct pressure decay leak testing and protect your production process from the damages. As progress completely depends on the process! What other ideas can you add to this guide that you found missing or not mentioned? Drop your comments in the given box.

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