End-Of-Trip Facilities

Why Should You Instal End-Of-Trip Facilities In Your Building?


Facilities that allow the end of trip needs of your tenants are no longer a luxury, they’re an essential part of any building and can bring real benefits to everyone. End-Of-Trip Facilities such as bike storage, showers and lockers can help you boost marketability as well as sustainability. Let’s take a look at these benefits in more detail:

Boost Marketability of Building

An End-Of-Trip Facilities can help boost the marketability of your building. The provision of a well-designed, clean and attractive facility will attract tenants and visitors, who can take pride in the fact that their workplace has been recognised for its commitment to sustainability.

The EOTF should be listed as an amenity on any marketing materials for the building, including brochures and websites. It should also be included in your leasing documents as one more way to attract tenants who care about environmental issues or are looking for a green workplace.

You’ll also make it easier for employees who are active members of their community: they don’t have to worry about finding an EOTF nearby when they travel away from work—they already know where it is!

Cuts Costs

A lot of building owners, particularly those who have recently undergone a major overhaul, are concerned about the cost of these facilities. However, the cost of installing End-Of-Trip Facilities is far outweighed by the benefits that they bring.

  • Cuts Energy Costs: By encouraging people to use their destination as an alternative to their home or office, this means less commuting and less pollution. This also reduces your energy bills and makes you more environmentally friendly!
  • Cuts Maintenance Costs: By reducing traffic congestion in your building and encouraging people to go home at a reasonable time, you’ll be able to save on maintenance costs such as staff wages or materials used for cleaning up after them (e.g., paint).
  • Cuts Cleaning Costs: If you have many employees working in one area then there’s bound to be messes left behind every day – but with End-Of-Trip Facilities installed it will make things easier on them (and therefore cheaper too).

End-Of-Trip Facilities


  • Reduce the need for printing
  • Reduce the need for paper
  • Reduce the need for ink
  • Reduce the need for electricity
  • Reduce the need for water

Save time, money and resources with End-Of-Trip Facilities.


So, there you have it. The benefits of installing end of trip facilities in your building. You should remember that these are just some of the many benefits you could enjoy, and there are plenty more besides these. 

If you’re looking to instal an end of trip facility in your building but aren’t sure where to start, then please feel free to contact experts for advice on what will work best for you.

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