An Ultimate Guide On VFD Drive And Inverter Drives In Adelaide


To define, it can be said that variable frequency drive is basically a motor controller, which takes charge of and drives electric motor by making variations in voltage and frequency, which is being supplied to the motor.

The faster rate of frequency will make RPMs function. In case, if it happens to be that the application doesn’t require electric motor to operate at high speed, then in such case, usually VFD Drive Adelaide can be put to use to ramp down the frequency and the voltage for meeting needs pertaining to load of electric motor. As the speed requirements of the application changes, VFD can make motor’s speed high or low for meeting speed’s requirement.

By the end-use applications, global frequency drives market is categorized in power generation, chemical processing, oil and gas, automotive, infrastructure development, manufacturing. The oil and gas industry is the major consumer of the frequency variable drives during the review period. The segment growth is attributed in increasing the exploration activities and rising the production of the unconventional resources throughout the globe.

Variable frequency drive or a VFD Drive in Adelaide usually determines the motor rpm and by controlling the ac frequency the motor rpm is controlled. A VFD circuit consists of rectifier section, filter section, switching or inverter section. Most of the industrial applications nowadays require variable speeds at peak load conditions and constant speeds at normal operating conditions.

Some benefits of variable frequency drive are:

  • It helps in saving energy
  • Helps in closed loop controlling
  • High power factor
  • Easy in installations

 An inverter is electrical equipment that converts DC power into AC power. The variable frequency drive is an equipment used for driving the induction motors where the speed of the motor is controlled by regulating the frequency of supply. For obtaining the constant torque, the voltage is varied to keep the v/f ratio constant. The variable speed drive contains an inverter and a rectifier.

If you are looking for an inverter drive in Adelaide or AC DC motor control in Adelaide, you need to do proper research on the same and then make a choice.

VFD makes use of three steps to control the motor:

  • The full wave power diode converts the three phase 650 hz power from the standard 220 or even higher utility supply for adjustable or fixed DC voltage. We can get rid of the AC ripple on the DC bus by adding a capacitor(C).
  • Power electronic switches namely GTO or SCR usually play the vital role of switch the DC power from rectifier to make it on and off and for producing current/voltage waveform at altogether a new frequency.
  • Apart from this, a specific control system is used for the purpose of controlling output voltage i.e. the voltage vector of the inverter is fed to the motor for maintaining constant ratio of voltage to frequency (V/Hz).

Therefore, it is up to clients can select the best suitable one from available varieties of VFDs however, if in case it is required or necessary, they can always ask for product customization.

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