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Different Types Of Dentures You Should Know To Find Out The Best Fit

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Have you lost adult teeth at an early age? Or aging is the reason to lose the teeth? Get the teeth rotten or crooked? Oh my God! There exist endless problems that can hamper your beautiful smile and your oral health. If you are someone who has such issues, it’s a high time to contact denture clinic Melbourne that can pamper your smile & digestive health too as improper teeth can affect the body health.

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Among many dental care choices, people & dentists always prefer dentures if you require full jaw replacement. Although, the denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth. There are two primary types of dentures; a complete one and partial dentures.

There are different types of dentures Melbourne region but, here I am going to mention a few from them.

Denture types:

  • Traditional full denture

When you choose a complete denture, it will replace the patient’s teeth. Complete dentures get placed within 10-12 weeks after the extraction of teeth. The denture sits on the top of the gum as opposed to bridges that are anchored for the teeth.

  • Partial denture

This denture can be treated when patients still have natural teeth as if there is a condition; the patient has one or more teeth in the upper and lower jaw. There remains a pink colored base attached to a metal piece. This piece can maintain the entire denture in the mouth. This type of denture is removable and convenient.

  • Upper denture

This type of denture is only for the upper teeth. If the patient has missing teeth in the upper jaw then this can be a good solution.

  • Custom denture

A custom denture is known as an expensive type of teeth denture which can give more natural smile. This type of denture is customized for the smile so that it can help you look natural and can meet all the requirements.

  • Immediate denture

This type of denture places on the same day that teeth are removed easily. To leverage such a service, you will have to be a good candidate.

  • Implant dentures

A dental implant is used with a purpose to support the denture. Generally, the denture offers a good support for the foundation to allow the denture stick at the place. Also, the dental implant looks natural when you seek the implant-supported denture type for the better replacement.

Melbourne Denture Clinic

  • Affordable denture

Though every expert has their different cost bar but this kind of denture type is the most cost-effective denture. They are a generic denture means, they don’t fit in the mouth comfortably and sometimes look artificial. This is the reason, denture adhesive becomes a necessity to make the denture secure & fit properly.

That’s it!

Thus, the selection is all up to you among many different types of Melbourne dentures clinic available. What would you choose? Hope, above guideline, can become a good help to you. Kindly suggest & support through the comment section.

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