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Content Marketing – A Powerful Way to Improve the Website ranking like a Ninja!

Digital Marketing

According to conventional wisdom, the website requires quality contents for the website traffic. The buzz between SEO (search engine optimization) and content writing is never-ending because both needs to be powerful for an effective outcome. Why do big-named entrepreneurs approach digital Marketing Sydney before jumping into a sea?

Google becomes a huge source of information slowly but steadily. This has opened many doors of opportunity; now, people can operate anything and everything on a fingertip.

Meanwhile, the question arises, how will you drag the right audience to your website? Once they visit your website, how will you keep them stay &leave with full satisfaction? Your all questions will be answered by an expert Trusted SEO Sydney in a concise way.

Difference between SEO and Content Marketing:

In several areas, SEO and content marketing are different from each other. Even after knowing the differences, you couldn’t separate them perfectly. Have a look!

Sr No.

SEO (Search Engine optimization) Content Marketing


It is narrow and more technical It is wide and holistic


It has to do with website structure, behaviour, and design It is about acquiring more exposure online with using quality contents


Applying SEO is a broader way to channel the endeavours into content marketing The success of content marketing relies upon the implementation of SEO techniques

What can define the content quality and how does it affect a website ranking?

Well, the idea of a “quality” content is nebulous. It means, people react differently to different things but when it comes to Google algorithm it requires a quality-rich content for the website rankings. Since last few years, SEO has evolved more than link building, backlinks, off-page optimization, and on-page optimization. However, there exists a strategy that will help to boost the search engine rankings and online website presence. And, this is called content marketing.

Some remarkable statistic to help you determine your goal:

  • 46% of marketers increase their spending on SEO
  • 91% of B2B marketers make use of content marketing
  • 77% of businesses can increase their content production

SEO & Content Marketing; both are overlapping!

People have trouble while connecting with SEO and content marketing because they don’t have a complete picture of what the content represents. Basically, SEO means something that is done with a purpose to increase organic search engine traffic. And, on other end content marketing is, creating content to attract the traffic. SEO and content marketing usually overlap as for SEO, content is must and for content marketing, you require different types of content. Thus, both depend on each other and it is two sides of a single coin.

Closing Time!

If you want to upgrade your work level and seeking for a business growth then you should approach Digital Marketing Sydney based Company where you will come up with a clear picture. Thanks for reading this guideline. Contact Zib Media Company for a better understanding of SEO work ways.

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