Energy Reports

Why Commercial And Residential Buildings Needs Energy Certification?

Energy Reports

Have you ever heard about energy reports of residential and commercial property? The major response was “NO”. Then yes like human there are also several reports for buildings. If you want to do building inspection then Six Star Energy Reports or if you want to check building is energy efficient or not then Section J Assessment Reports and Sustainability Design Assessment Reports for demonstrable.

Not understand? Then let’s have a quick guide on each:

Six Star Energy Reports

One thing you all are aware now that six star energy reports are for construction right? As the name suggests six star energy report is used to find the energy rating of buildings or homes with the latest technology and tools. And its measure based on the design of the property. And most important about a report that will help in reducing light bills as you can design a home to save energy bills. Overall it will give the whole map of the home.

Comfort is not only the key point of six star energy standard but reducing light bills is also a benefit of six star rating because it uses less energy for the artificial appliance. And that’s why designing energy-saving buildings before a build is only the concern about it.

Also, window selection is a matter to save energy bills as the double-glazed window is the best option rather than a single to performance.

What’s is Section J Assessment Reports?

Report that spot the energy-efficient needs for commercial building and defined by section J of volume one of the national construction code (NCC), and formally known as the building code of Australia (BCA).

What things have to eye on in section j assessment reports if you go for?

  • Building fabric
  • Glazing
  • Building seal
  • Air conditioning and ventilation system
  • Power and lighting
  • Heated water supply

Sustainability Design Assessment

And last but not the least sustainability design which not the last but first as its initial step before planning to construct the building. Because if you are a civil engineer or designer who planning to permit to construct new building then you must have to provide some information like:

  • Energy
  • Water resources
  • Indoor atmosphere
  • Transport
  • Waste management
  • Urban ecology

Because you need to make sure all environmentally sustainable design initiatives are clearly bespoken and elucidate on your architectural designs.

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