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Is Fall a Better Time to Begin an Exterior Painting Project – Here’s Why?


Fall is a great time to paint your home’s exterior because the temperatures are cooler, and it’s not as hot outside. However, Exterior Painters Melbourne suggests that the cooler temperatures prevent paint from drying too quickly, which can cause cracking or peeling later on down the road. The fall is a great time to begin your exterior painting project. While the season may be known for cooler temperatures, there are other benefits that make this a good time to start painting. Here’s why:

Lower Moisture and Humidity

If you’ve ever painted an exterior wall, you know that moisture and humidity are the enemies of paint. Moisture and humidity are two different things, but they both affect the quality of your exterior paint application. Humidity is a measure of how much water vapour is present in the air. Moisture refers to the amount of water in a given volume or surface area (not necessarily free-draining). That is why Exterior Painters Melbourne says that having higher temperatures and lower humidities typically experienced during fall months mean less moisture in the air surrounding your exterior painting project—which helps prevent peeling or cracking caused by excess moisture seeping into your fresh coat of paint.

Cooler Temperatures

You can paint more comfortably and at a slower pace. This is a big deal because you’re less likely to risk heat exhaustion or over-exertion if you take your time working outdoors. Plus, the paint will dry slower due to lower temperatures and not need to be protected from the sun’s harsh rays—which means less damage will occur during application.

Lower Chance of Rain

In the summer, your house is likely to be under a lot of heat and humidity, which can lead to mould growth. It’s also more likely that you’ll run into rain in the summer months. Rain can cause paint to peel or crack if it hasn’t been properly prepared for weather conditions prior to application. You may want a professional Exterior Painters Melbourne who knows how much primer is needed and how long it needs to be set before applying new coatings of paint on top of old ones.

Delays Aren’t as Likely

Painting in the fall is ideal because there are fewer delays. Warm, dry weather conditions mean that you won’t have to deal with rain as often, and you can get started on your exterior painting project much sooner than if you waited until spring or summer. In the spring and summer months, temperatures are warmer and more humid, so there’s a higher chance of rain. This can add unwanted delays to your project, so it’s best to wait until fall when temperatures are cooler and humidity levels lower.


With the benefits of starting an exterior painting project in the fall, it’s no wonder that so many people choose this time of year to begin their next project. If you’re considering doing interior or exterior painting, take advantage of the cooler temperatures and lower moisture levels, at least for the first few weeks after the season change.

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