SEO Basics - Your Complete Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization
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SEO Basics: Your Complete Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to the process of influencing how search engines like Google rank web pages in their search results. The goal of SEO strategy by an experienced SEO Company in Ahmedabad is to improve your site’s ranking and generate more traffic from the search engine users that click through from their results.

This beginner’s guide will give you an overview of how SEO works, what steps you can take to optimize your site and strategies you can implement to achieve success with SEO. Let’s get started!

Information Architecture

Organize your content in a way that makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for. In the case of search engine optimization, this means organizing the pages on your website so that search engines can easily crawl and index them.

Keep in mind that content should also be organized so that visitors can easily find what they are looking for when visiting your site. This might mean adding keyword tags or descriptions, categories, navigation bars, and other tools and features that allow visitors to browse content more quickly.

If you have any questions about how to organize your content in a way that is friendly both to people browsing the site and those crawling it by search engine bots, post them below!

Keyword Research

The key to a successful SEO campaign by SEO Company in Ahmedabad is keyword research. You may be thinking, Hey, I’m not here for the search engine; I want people to find my website! But if you want people to find your site and make an inquiry or purchase, then you need good content that they can easily find. And that starts with understanding the keywords they are typing in when they search.

So what do keywords have to do with optimizing your website? Well, if you don’t know which words people use when searching on Google (or other search engines), how will you ever know what content of yours they might be looking for?

On-Page Optimization

Anchor Text – The text that is hyperlinked to your website is also known as the anchor text. When a person links from one page on their site or blog to another page on their site, they use an anchor text.


Anchor texts are typically bold and underlined and can be seen in the web address bar when you’re surfing the web.

For example, if you were browsing through a travel website about Ahmedabad and clicked on ‘Hotels in Ahmedabad at the bottom of one of the pages, then Ahmedabad Hotels’ would show up as the link. Google’s algorithm looks at anchor texts when it determines how high or low your site ranks for certain keywords or topics.

Mobile Search

For years, SEO experts have been telling webmasters that the most effective way to rank well on Google is by having a high density of keywords on your site. This strategy, while effective, has led many webmasters and SEO agencies down the path of keyword stuffing and spammy links.

One way to avoid this problem, according to SEO Company in Ahmedabad, is by leveraging mobile search engines. These search engines give you an edge because they are smart enough to understand if your page is about fishing or if it’s about fish – for example, if you’re searching for fishing as a keyword on Google, the first result will be about fishing bait.

Technical SEO

In order for your site to rank on Google, you need to implement certain best practices. These include having a title and meta description that is unique and relevant, implementing keywords into the body of the text, and having high-quality content with at least 1,500 words and appropriate formatting. You also need to ensure that your links are properly placed within the text.

You can use Google Webmaster Tools as well as Bing Webmaster Tools to help you monitor your optimization efforts. The free tools will alert you when there are problems with your website that would affect search engine rankings. They will also offer recommendations on how to fix any issues found by crawling through your site in detail.

link building

One of the most important parts of SEO is link building, according to the companies who have provided SEO Services in Ahmedabad for years now. The easiest way to do this is by creating links between your content and other websites. You can do this by adding links to your website, commenting on blogs, writing guest posts for other websites, and inviting people to share your content on their own social media accounts.

Be sure that you are linking back to the original source whenever possible, so that search engines know which articles should rank higher than others.

You may also want to consider link exchanges as a method of building web traffic. This is when two webmasters will exchange links with one another in order to increase their search engine ranking or credibility.

Content marketing

If you’re looking for a way to get your blog posts in front of more people, you might want to learn about SEO. SEO is the process of optimizing web content so that it will rank higher in search engine results pages. There are many different types of SEO, but all share the same goal – driving traffic from organic search listings such as Google and Bing. Achieving good rankings for your website can be accomplished through many different methods and by optimizing a wide variety of keywords.

Local SEO

Not all search engines are created equal. If you want your business to show up in the results for local searches, you need to get savvy about optimizing for that specific platform. Locals pack listings (those with a map) can show up at the top of Google search results and offer a huge opportunity for businesses looking to attract new customers.

Measure SEO results

If you have an internet-based business, it is imperative that you understand how search engine optimization (SEO) works. SEO is the process of improving your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). There are several ways to do this, but the most effective is by creating high-quality content that answers searchers’ questions and incorporates keywords. This will increase your site’s organic ranking and help you achieve better SERP rankings.

Track SEO results

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google that gives you detailed information about your website’s traffic and activity. You can use it to keep track of your progress, see who visits your site, and figure out what they do while they are on the site.

You can set up goals and experiments in Google Analytics so that you know how well certain changes affect your site’s traffic or conversion rates. This can help you make decisions based on data instead of just intuition.

If you’re looking for more advanced ways to measure the success of your SEO campaign, then I recommend installing a simple code snippet onto your website called Google Analytics Tracking Code (or GATC). It will allow you to track visitors from specific keywords and topics that relate to your business.


We have reached the end of this guide. I hope you have enjoyed it and learned a lot from it. Keep in mind that these are just the basics, and if you want to get serious about your SEO strategy, there is much more to learn on the subject.

Read up on competitor SEO Company in Ahmedabad and make sure you understand their strategies for keywords and links. Make good use of your analytics tools in order to track conversion rates on all channels. Use Google Webmaster Tools account for further insights into how Google views your site and make sure they see it as high quality!

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