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Why Crossing Your Legs Bad For Your Health Or Posture?

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The question of whether it’s better to sit with your legs crossed or uncrossed has been debated for centuries. Some physiotherapy Windsor believes that crossing your legs can cause back pain, while others think it helps them relax and focus. 

In reality, there’s no scientific evidence that either position is better for your health—the difference depends on how you’re using them. 

But what about posture? Is crossing your legs bad for your posture? The answer is yes—and this could be a problem if you like sitting in the lotus position (with one leg crossed over the other).

Crossed-Legged Sitting And Musculoskeletal Pain

You may have noticed that when you cross your legs, it feels more comfortable to rest your ankle on the opposite thigh (rather than sitting with your legs outstretched). This is because resting your ankle on the opposite thigh activates the small muscles around your hip joints, which helps stabilize them. 

However, if you constantly cross and recross your legs throughout the day, this can lead to temporary muscle fatigue and pain in these areas.

For people with weak hip abductors—the muscles that move one leg away from another—crossing the legs often will produce discomfort in the muscles surrounding hip joints.

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Crossed-Legged Sitting And Medical Conditions

If you have a medical condition, crossing your legs can make it worse.

If you have a significant knee or lower back injury, crossing your legs may cause pain and muscle cramps. This is because sitting with the knees bent makes it harder for blood to flow through the leg veins – which means that more pressure is exerted on already-compressed nerves, muscles, and tissue. 

This could also lead to heartburn or even varicose veins if the pressure in the lower body remains constant for too long.

Physiotherapy South Yarra treatment often incorporates exercises designed to improve posture and alleviate pain from conditions such as sciatica (sciatic nerve compression) or tight hamstrings (the group of muscles at the back of each leg).

Excessive crossing of the legs can cause discomfort in the muscles surrounding the hip joints.

We all like to sit comfortably, but if you cross your legs too much, it can cause discomfort in the muscles surrounding the hip joints. This is a problem because the excessive crossing of the legs can also cause discomfort in the muscles surrounding knee joints as well as ankle joints.

If this is a problem for you, there are several ways to alleviate it:

physiotherapy Prahran treatment that focuses on improving mobility in each joint individually. Your physiotherapist will help figure out which areas need attention by asking about how long you have had these issues and whether there has been any injury or trauma that might be contributing factors.


The main takeaway is that sitting cross-legged for long periods of time is not healthy. It puts pressure on your hips, knees, and ankles, which can lead to pain or even injury.

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