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Skip Hire: 6 things to know before renting a skip

Waste Management

Skip hire can be confusing and expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing, but by reading this article before you sign your contract for any Skip Hire Adelaide, you can be sure that you’re not paying too much or hiring a skip that’s not going to hold all of your rubbish in the first place. To help you avoid the most common mistakes when it comes to hiring skips, here are seven important things to know before renting one yourself. Read on to learn more!

What type of skip should I rent?

Whether you’re looking for Skip Hire Adelaide or other parts of the city, be sure to take your location into account. Larger skips (like open-top cubes) are generally easier to find in urban areas where there’s more business activity—but they may not always be worth it. Smaller skips can sometimes fit more trash, which means less trips and less spending.

What size of skip should I rent?

The size of skip you should rent depends on what you’re hoping to achieve with your project. For example, if you’re just tidying up after a small home renovation, one 6 cubic yard (6m3) wheelie bin may be enough for all your waste. On the other hand, if you’re carrying out extensive renovations or building work, you might need something bigger like an 8 or 10 cubic yard (8m3 or 10m3) wheelie bin.

Skip Hire: 6 things to know before renting a skip

Skip Hire: 6 things to know before renting a skip

Where do I place my skip?

Skip hire companies will always ensure that you place your skip in an appropriate location. However, there are certain guidelines which you should follow when looking for suitable site. First, it’s important that you look at how close your chosen location is to other existing skips. The last thing you want is your skip standing right next to another – let alone on top of one! Next, make sure that wherever you place your skip remains accessible by both commercial and domestic vehicles alike.

How much can I put in my skip?

That depends on how big your skip is, but most skips will allow you to put in as much as they can carry. Generally, though, you can fit between 20 and 40 tonnes in a standard 10-yard (9m) long steel skip. Of course, if you’re only fitting two or three bags of rubbish in your 10-yarder, then obviously that’s not an issue at all!

How do I get rid of my rubbish?

There are many methods for disposing of rubbish, including recycling and composting. However, most people need to remove excess rubbish from their homes, and so hiring a Skip is often one of your best options. Skips come in different sizes depending on how much waste you have to dispose of, with each type being perfect for different types of jobs.

What types of rubbish can I dispose of?

When it comes to hiring a Skip Hire Adelaide, you want to make sure that you can dispose of all your waste. Some types of the rubbish simply cannot be thrown away with your regular household waste; if you’re not sure what can and can’t go in your skip, it’s best to ask at your local dump site or hire centre beforehand. For example, businesses that deal with hazardous materials may need special licenses to dispose of their waste—and it may not be safe for them to throw such material into a standard skip. If you’re unsure about whether your rubbish is suitable for disposal in a standard business-hire skip, contact your local council office for advice.

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